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Lis Begin

Without question, we’re incredibly lucky to have Lis Begin as an Advisor to the Board for Local Relief. As the President and Owner of Begin Productions for over 25 years, Lis Begin has produced, directed, and scripted over 3500 commercials, television shows, training tapes and industrial productions for local and national clients.

Lis, a 40 year professional in television, video production, media relations, public relations, and marketing, brings to her position strong skills as a consummate advertising and promotions campaign manager. In addition, Lis has promoted books, events, seminars, manufactured products, and individuals.

Lis Begin’s Client List Includes:

US Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon Police, Charlie Daniels, Dickie Smothers, the Associated Press, Entertainment Tonight, Author/TV Host–Lynn Fischer, Motivational Speaker-Steve McCann, The Grand Ole Opry, McDonald’s, The Villages, Suncoast Communities Blood Banks, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Casual Gourmet-Food Products, Senior Series Golf Tour, Inside Edition, Teens on the Green, and the American Journal.


With Lis’ tenacity and genuine nature to help others, she proves an invaluable addition to Local Relief. We’re honored and thrilled to have her support.

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