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About Us

Heather Hackett is the Founder and Executive Director of Local Relief

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Heather Hackett

Founder & Executive Director

The Idea.


In 2017 during Hurricane Irma, Heather had the idea for the app. Having been an entrepreneur with a background in Event Management, she looked at the disaster as an event and tried to manage it. She then worked for the next few weeks creating a business plan and even naming the app, Local Relief. Heather’s goal was to create a collaborative social media hub dedicated to disaster where locals could always find relevant resources and information at their fingertips. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the means to create an app.

As luck, and fate, would have it. A man asked her to write content for a mobile app he was developing…

fast forward to 2022, that man is now her husband and they were in the app space. When Ian hit, they both knew what she had to do. She pivoted from her previous app, created a 501c3 nonprofit, and Local Relief was born. 

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Our Board Members

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