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Local Relief

Pioneering Community Connectivity in Disaster Relief

Strengthening Communities in the Face of Disaster

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Our Mission

Local Relief is a desperately needed solution.

As a revolutionary 501(c)(3) nonprofit and social media mobile app, we bridge the gap between communities and vital resources during times of disaster. Our platform serves as a critical tool for locals, organizations, and authorities to prepare, survive, and rebuild. More than an app, we are a lifeline of communication, a nexus of aid, and a driving force for the restoration of resilient communities.

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The Local Relief, Inc. App is going to be a game-changer when it comes to disaster preparedness and recovery for residents dealing with natural disasters and emergencies. To have all of the necessary information at their fingertips will enable everyone to stay informed and put their personal and family plans into action.”

~Edward McCrane, Director of Emergency Management
& Professional Emergency Manager 
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Local Relief App Benefits

Local Social Groups

Open your city's group to discover local posts regarding supplies, volunteers, people in need, disaster resources, and recent updates.

Near Me

The near me feature allows you to find groups, nonprofits, and volunteers anywhere.

Disaster Resources

Looking for disaster resources? We have all the resources you need to get you prepared or get you back on your feet. 

Volunteer or Donate 

Want to donate or volunteer but don't know where to begin? We can help. 

How It Works

Partner With Us

Would you like to have your business available on the Local Relief App?

Information You Can Find And Share On Local Relief

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